Wednesday, November 16, 2011

He Always Provides

P1050634First, can I just say, “I miss writing here!!”  There is much stirring and brewing in my heart but barely a second to think about writing a post.

It started out as a curiosity to paint a table and then another and then another until it got to the point where my dear husband requested I not buy another piece of furniture until I sold a piece.  Seemed like a fair deal.

Well, the next day I sold a table and then another and then another.  I did not set out to start a ‘business’, but was just having fun and seemed to be following what the Lord had before me.  I couldn’t really believe someone would want to buy ‘my’ stuff.  Brian always believed in me and I think he knew we were onto something here, though I didn’t.


Here we are just three months later and I cannot keep up with the painting!  I do so much custom work for people that I often times can’t keep my own supply of painted pieces up. I am having a blast!  I get to make pretty things, learn new things and bless people.

The Lord has orchestrated me teaching a class too.  Who knew?!  We are having a huge “shop the barn” boutique sale the first week in December and if half the people come that say they are it will be a huge success.

What does this have to do with the Lord providing, you ask.  Well, Brian’s work has been very slow over the last few years and we are really waiting on the Lord for our next step and we have been for some time now.  At times we have not gotten a paycheck and in the natural, our financial position does not look that good.  P1050635

We are in awe of what is unfolding with this whole furniture thing.  We all work together as a family in various ways, each using their own gifting. I  am not sure painting furniture would provide entirely for a family of ten Winking smilebut it sure is a blessing right now.  We marvel at watching the Lord give us favor with purchases and sales.  We delight in the people we meet and get to work with.  Our family enjoys ministering in any way we can to the ‘customers’ the Lord brings.  I cannot put into words the scope of what He is doing, but it is pretty awesome and I just wanted to ‘gush’ on Him a little this morning, thank you for allowing me.

If you are interested in what I am talking about please check out our other blog, {re}imagined just for you.  Also, if you are anywhere near our neck of the woods, (someone is actually coming from Indiana!) please, please come to our ‘shop the barn’ sale and say hi!!  I would love to see you.

Amazed by His Grace,




Grace said...

Dear Michelle,
I just loved reading how the Lord is has supplied your needs. I had a former blog that I needed to close due to domestic violence. As a writer, we needed to write! So as the Lord provided, I purchased a used notebook laptop and started a new blog. I am in need of a job to support my sons and myself. I know this is small to our God. But I'm asking that He pour out His blessings upon us...even today. I know you are a prayer warrior, and ask that you pray for us and for this huge need. Presently, we are living with a friend and her family, and asking God to meet our needs.
Thanks! Your sister in Him,

Jenn said...

Oh Michelle, God is just AWESOME isn't HE! I love your work and wish I lived just a sniff closer.

Mrs.B said...

Isn't God so good to us. We don't deserve anything he does and yet he provides for our needs in amazing ways.

Thanks for posting this

In HIS Keeping,

busymomof10 said...

Miss you sharing your thoughts, but so glad that God is blessing!

cooperkelly4 said...

I was just thinking that you hadn't written a post in a bit and missing you. Glad you are doing well and that God is providing! ♥ Kelly