Monday, May 9, 2011

He Knew

You are ‘good enough’ (actually way better than ‘good enough’, but this is the lie that some of us here.  The, ‘I’m not doing {{{it}}} good enough.’)

Our Father loves you and is so pleased with you, right where you are at in your walk with Him.

Your value has nothing to do with the size of your body, how your house looks, how well or poorly you do anything.  He loves and accepts you. Period!

He knew before you were born EVERY.SINGLE mistake you would make.  He knew what you would be good at and what you would be bad at.  He knew what weaknesses you would have and what strengths.  He knew what things you would really struggle with and what things you would conquer easily.  He knew every hurt that would come your way and how well or poorly you would handle it.

He knew all these things, yet He still chose you!  HE PICKED YOU!  Chose you to be His own, to love you with a love beyond comprehension.  He laid down His life for you, so that you could be called a son (daughter) of God. 

You are no surprise to Him, and you are certainly NOT a disappointment to Him.

He loves and accepts you the way that you are right now.  He knows who you were, who you are and who you will become, and He smiles and rejoices over you!  He picked you!

Stop trying to measure up, you already do.

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Coby said...

I love this! I love that God is revealing to me more and more that I am intentional, and that I don't need to be anyone but who HE made me to be! From the mole above my upper lip to the curly hair (that I wear straight! Ha!). I love that, in the midst of sanctification, He loves me as I am.