Sunday, July 18, 2010

We Are So Excited

The Lord has been doing amazing things in our family. He has been teaching and leading us and it has been so exciting to see so much growth. I was sharing with a dear friend recently that it seems that we have been under some sort of 'oppression' as a family for about ten years. Not that there hasn't been growth and wonderful things in the last ten years, but something has definitely shifted in the spiritual realm.

We have a great sense that the Lord has 'brought us out to bring us in'. We have been seeking Him in a much greater way with unity and determination these past few months. The Lord has also been teaching and leading us in times of various kinds of fasting. It has been so awesome to have everyone on the same page!

We struggle with sharing what I am about to share, but we felt it important for you to know what was going on, ( some of you have wondered if everything is okay) why there are 'archive' posts, we want it to be an encouragement and also we are seeking your prayers.

Through the Lord's leading, we are beginning a 4o day fast. (Start date, July 19, 2010)(not food, though there will be daily fastings from food woven in) We, as a family are going to be fasting all TV (we don't watch much) and just about all computer. There will be occasional email checks, but all recreational computer time will come to a halt. We are also going to be reading through the bible in these 40 days which will take up about 1 1/2 to 2 hours a day, with the exception of Brian, who will be reading through the New Testament and the rest of the Old Testament that he is currently reading.

It is nothing short of amazing to us that we are all on the same page with this. Even the boys suggesting that they put their computer aside leaves my jaw dropped!

We feel impressed to 'seek Him with our whole heart', and this is what we are going to do. The 'fast' will end the day before Brian and I go to Be In Health in GA for the "For Their Life" program. (a program equipping the saints to minister the materials the Lord has recently used in our family)

Please, please pray for us! While I am sharing with you the exciting things that are going on in our family, there is a great deal of spiritual struggles and some serious 'attacks' on our family. I don't suspect the enemy will be thrilled with us 'setting our faces like flint'. I am seriously asking for prayer cover these next forty days. (If you are picturing this idyllic picture of our family sitting around reading the bible all day long, loving each other perfectly, wonderfully behaved children and perfect parents, PLEASE think again! ;-) Real life here, folks, real life!)

I plan to post 2-3 posts a week from my 'archives' during our 40 day fast, as well as whatever the Lord puts on my heart. We are so excited! Thank you, in advance, for your prayers.

Please, if you need prayer or things change in your world, email me. I will not be making my rounds with all my blog friends these next forty days, but I will be checking my email. I will be praying for you all though. (might be nice if you emailed me, I am afraid I might go through serious withdraw! Just kidding ;-)

May God bless you and keep you, and make His face shine upon you!


Valerie said...

Wow! Praying that the Lord would use this time to grow your family up, closer together and closer to HIM! Can't wait to hear and see what God does in your lives through this time. Praying for you!! :)

Camille said...

I will pray for you Michelle ~ May the LORD use this time to knit you all together and guide you in HIS TRUTH! How PRECIOUS HE is!!


Pslam 138:8

Cranberry Morning said...

That is a great idea. May God bless you as you honor Him by pushing aside all the things that so easily eat up our time.

Stacie, A Firefighter's Wife said...

What a wonderful thing to do. God is going to bless this so much. You are right, there will be serious spiritual attacks.

I've been experiencing some of this myself. God is taking me to a whole new level with Him. I am loving it! It hasn't been easy, but the changes taht I am seeing in my family have been huge.

Having less computer time for all of us has been essential. Someone liked electronics to be a sort of brain junk food. If we allow it, that is exactly how we "treat" ourselves. We must be careful and as always examine our motives for doing what we do (in everything).

I will pray for your family. The Lord bless!

cooperkelly4 said...

wow! Praying for you and your family. Praying god's will is accomplished!

Linda said...

Blessings to you and the family during this time. I will be anxious to hear of all of the good things God does for you.

Praying for you.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Fruitful Vine2 said...

I pray the the victory would be yours in the spiritual realm. I pray that the joy of the Lord(which is your strength) would abound in all of you. I pray that the enemy's devices and weapons against you would not prosper. I pray the abundant life of the Lord would be manifest in your lives as you all seek the Lord in this way. Blessings.

Coby said...

Wow! Praying for you as you seek the Lord wholeheartedly! I can't wait to hear how the Lord moves in your family!

Wanting What I Have said...

WOW! I am so excited and happy for you all. I pray the Lord will reveal Himself in new ways to each of you and that He will draw you together as a family as never before! Rejoicing with and for you all!

Regan Family Farm said...

Are you fasting from me???? Goodness, people will think me selfish, so...friend...hugs and prayers from over our way.
Love you!

Ashley said...

What a wonderful thing you and your family are doing. I have read the Bible in 90 days and that was quite an undertaking. To read the whole thing in 40 days? I'm not sure I could do that! I can only imagine the blessings and spiritual growth you will all experience because of this.