Thursday, April 3, 2014

Enjoying the Journey

I have been recognizing a battle with discouragement in my life lately. I seem to be so fragile in the things I hope for or am believing that it doesn’t take much to go from super excited to the depths of despair in a nano-second.

I didn’t recognize it at first, and am still having a hard time really grasping it. My sweet (patient) husband tries to help me see it, but when I am in it, I can be as blind as a bat!

The enemy comes with lies that are true, at least in part.  Does that make sense? Blatant lies are much easier to detect, but when there is an element of truth to them, I get all confused.  I see the ‘truth’ part and get confused and start to despair. I don’t often see the ‘lie’ part, you know, the part that has ‘always’ and ‘never’ in it.

An example, ‘I hurt my hip, I will never be able to run that 5k’.  Okay, I DID hurt my hip, but who says I can’t run that 5K? AND, if I can’t run ‘that’ 5K, who says I can’t run another? I get all spun out before I even think it through.

I am such a ‘destination’ person that I am often miss the journey, or at least fight my way through it. I’m the worst traveler, I just want to be ‘there’, so impatient in the journey. Life is a journey, not a destination! Everything about life is a journey. I am learning to keep my eyes off the destination so much and learn to enjoy the journey. The journey is full of bumps and hills, both up and down, and so much beauty and joy.

Think about it, so many areas in life our about the journey. Motherhood, marriage, physical fitness, healthy, overcoming difficult situations.  Rarely do we arrive at the ‘destination’ without having to at least do some traveling. I feel like I am ‘in training’ in many areas of my life right now, and this is one of them. Enjoying the journey.

Think of the peace and joy that I miss out on, I stumble all over the journey just trying so hard to get to the destination! I trip, fall face first, have to get up, try again, rinse and repeat! Instead of just walking through, enjoying each step, thanking God for the ups and downs, walking in peace. Sigh. That sounds so much better, and better for my health too!

That’s where I’m at today. How about you? Is this something you struggle with? Or do you LOVE the journey, every little step of it?

This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it! Purposing to enjoy the journey!


Jenn Bowers said...

So, so good! It we didn't have the journey we would never fall head over heels with Christ! It is in the journey that shows Himself to us again and again and again! Love your heart and your words!

Linda said...

We have some plans in the works...and it seems the Lord keeps telling us to WAIT on Him and His timing! It is so hard for us humans to sit back and wait isn't it? Both my husband and myself felt led to start a journey towards helping one of our daughters who is going through a divorce. We were both on board with it, even though it would involve selling our house and moving. Now my husband is seeing that we may lose money on our home and he is pulling back a little bit. I am confused as to why we would both feel lead by God and why we would change our minds because of losing money when we both know that God will provide...and He has always taken care of us! ???? He is the head of our home...and he will make the final decision...but I am finding it a little hard to take my hands off and trust God...and my husband. I am such a mother hen...and I just want to help my daughter and grandkids no matter what it costs! :) Life is hard sometimes...and like I said, a little confusing. I want to walk the path that God carves out for us. So, I pray He will make our path straight and direct our steps! I haven't read blogs in quite a while...but I came across yours today and thought I would say...thanks for your honesty and for your heart to please God. You have encouraged me today! Love, Linda

Heaven's Walk said...

Oh....I am such a destination girl, Michelle...unfortunately. I want to get it done, get there, and THEN sit back and enjoy it. Often...even when painting a piece of furniture or creating something, I want to get done with it so I can sit back and enjoy it. I fail to realize that God wants me to enjoy the journey of creating that piece!

When it comes to losing weight and sticking with my running program, I want the weight gone NOW. I want to be healthier NOW. Your words were a gentle nudge to remember to enjoy the journey in getting there. Enjoy watching the pounds slip away. Enjoy feeling stronger and healthier. Enjoy my time on the road in God's creation. Thank you, sweet sister in Christ. You are truly such a blessing to me!! ♥

xoxo laurie

Coby said...

This helped me so much! For almost a year now, I've been dealing with a tooth that has had umpteen procedures on it, and is still bothering me. Such a small thing to cause such big trouble! I was feeling very discouraged by it all, wondering why the Lord hadn't healed me yet, and the Holy Spirit spoke to me that often, to get to the healing, you still have to go through it. Then I read this- I was very encouraged! Praying for you today!