Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two Things You Must Know

What would be the ramifications in your life, your heart and your mind if you actually believed that, one, you have peace with God, and two, and you have access, by faith, into His grace?

Let’s think about these for a moment. Peace with God! If you KNOW Jesus, this peace, is yours. He’s not angry. He’s not holding your past against you. He’s not disappointed or waiting for you to get it right. NO! You have peace with Him, rest, untroubled and undisturbed peace right now. What if, you, with all the messiness of you, that YOU perceive, believe you actually were at peace with Him?

Also, what would it be like if you believed that you had access, by faith, into His grace and that you now stand in that grace?? Do you know what this means???

You have access and stand in His acceptance, favor, kindness, the absolute freeness of His loving-kindness. He doesn’t give this because of anything you do or deserve, or don’t do, for that matter. He doesn’t hold some of it back until you get it right. Nope, His only motive is because of the bounty and free-heartedness of who He is.

I imagine we could literally drown in His love for us if we really could grasp how deep and vast it is. Often times I feel just that, overwhelmed and drowning in His love. I can hardly take it in. Little things in life that reveal His love just wash over me, some days I can hardly stand up before the next wave knocks me over.

Yes, there are days I hear old thoughts about how unworthy I am, experience the extreme pain and difficulties of life, and just how unloved I can “feel”. But it is truths like these that pull me right out of the pit and set my feet to dancing!! C'mon, want to dance with me?!

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Jenn Bowers said...

Let's dance! I'm ready!